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Random Synapse Firings

The Markiov Chain of My Brain

14 May 1968
Daily Picture

The Questions Section:

Q: I just noticed you had added me as a friend but I don't know you, why did you add me?

A: In order of probability: 1) You are a friend of someone else that I'm friends with and I found your journal through them. 2) You commented on something I wrote 3) I met you at another website and you listed your LiveJournal account. 4) I found you on a search of my interests 5) You're local to me. 5) You posted a picture that I saw while doing a search of the latest LiveJournal pictures posted and found it interesting. 6) I found your LiveJournal linked off of your personal website. 7) Sunspots.

Q: Are you hitting on me.

A: No.

Q: I'm not comfortable with a comment you made on my journal, what are you going to do about?

A: If there was a misunderstanding I'll try and clear it up. I expect you to do the same however. If you feel uncomfortable with me reading your journal then I suggest you make use of the many privacy features that LiveJournal has to offer

Q: I'm uncomfortable with something you posted in your journal/a comment you made in your journal, what are you going to do about it?

A: For the most part nothing, but it really depends on what it is and how often you do it. If something got misread or misunderstood I'll usually try and clear it up. If it happens again I'm going to assume that it's something that you are always going to misunderstand and I'll just take you out of the friends group that has access to any of the protected posts.

Q: What's with the pictures of bathtubs?

A: It's an obsession. Nothing like a nice soak to relax you. I would love to start a Japanese style sento here but am afraid that the term bathhouse has too many connotations in the US

Q: What's with the pictures of backs?

A: Even I can't answer this.

Q: I noticed _____ isn't in your interests anymore, why did you take it out?

A: Because LiveJournal only allows 150 interests. I rotate them in and out. My interests vary from minute to minute and the ones listed in my profile represent what they were the last time I was searching for something. This means that sometimes the mix can be very odd and others it will be very homogeneous

Q: Aren't you embarrassed about being interested in _______?

A: Not really. I occasionally feel like I'm too old for some of them but hikaru_hime helped me get over that with an offhand remark. I'm interested in what I'm interested in and see no reason to be embarrassed about hobbies and diversions. I've found that the people who judge me off of those things are people who I eventually can't get along with. Please note that there is a difference between judging and just thinking that an interest is goofy.

Q: Can we meet?

A: Sure! If you're going to be in town or close I'll do what I can to meet up with you and have a bite to eat or a glass of tea. Just a few things to keep in mind: I don't travel much due to family and monetary constraints so please don't be insulted if I can't make it due to one of those reasons. I'm also not very talkative. I tend to listen and ask questions to draw you out. If you want to draw me out I don't know what to tell you, please don't take it as an insult, I just have trouble talking about myself. I'm also not interested in a girlfriend/boyfriend or a one night stand so please save us both the heartache. New friends are always welcome.

Q: I live near you (or far away but it almost always seems to come from people in closer proximity) and want to make sure that you aren't stalking me/trying to meet me/spying on me.

A: My first suggestion is to stop reading my journal. Then set your LiveJournal to friends only. Same goes for if you think I'm too creepy/weird/abrasive/etc. The original reason that this journal was made semi private was directly because of people like you and I think you need professional help. For those that say "this is always happening to me so I just want to make sure" I'm going to point out that the constant in this equation is _you_. Where the drama can be fun to watch and I do admit to reading some journals for it I don't need it in my life.

Q: I haven't friended you but you've been on my friends of list for a long time, why?

A: I've found your journal interesting for some reason. I don't expect everyone that I friend to friend me back. I understand that I'm not that interesting.

Q: Can I IM you?

A: Yep. My preferred method is AIM but can get on the others if needed. My contact info is visible to friends

Q: Will you answer other questions?

A: Yep, just ask. There's even a journal entry made just for that purpose. http://beaglebot.livejournal.com/242279.html

***For some reason these things are not obvious and seem to cause problems so I'm starting to just state them up front: I'm male, I'm happily married and am not looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend/one night stand/fling. Please to not be misinterpreting things I say for thinking that I am looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend/one night stand/fling.***

This journal is about half Friends Only if the majority of what you see are cross-posts from other sites you are missing quite a bit of content. I'm not saying it's good content, just that you are missing it. I think the nature of what I sometimes post causes some of the above mentioned confusion. This journal merely reflects what may be going through my head and allows me to explore ideas.

I'm fairly lenient about friending people. Leave a comment, or just friend me and I'll probably notice.

It's not that my journal is important, just that I share quite a bit of personal information and I like knowing something about who is reading it.