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Random Synapse Firings

The Markiov Chain of My Brain

2/10/17 01:40 pm - Sigh

I remember when this place was important to my life. So many people I met through here. Logged back in and not a single post from anyone. I'm thankful for those who stayed in contact through other means and I'm thankful for the fleeting time I had with others

3/21/16 02:16 pm - Tight

Things are going to be supper tight until August. I'm in a good place mentally though. It's tight, not worse. It will be ok

3/22/14 02:26 pm - I really should post and check in here more often.

There are a few of you I have never connected with anywhere else and I miss seeing what you have to say. There's a few of you that have moved on and I see in new places, a few of you who are still here, and making fantastic posts, and far too many of you that have gone on, and I have lost touch with. I hope you are all well.

9/24/13 08:15 am - Tuesday is a sad reminder

Tuesday is a sad reminder that I am usually better friends with others than they are with me.

9/23/13 09:59 pm - Changes

Life has changed more in the past few years than in the entire decade before it. SO many friends and loved ones, lost, moved on, become distant, or changed beyond recognition. I am thankful for the ones who have stayed, and only sad about the ones who have gone.

7/18/13 09:57 pm - Movie Night

This weeks movie night was Exit Humanity. It was better than I thought it would be considering it was picked but random scrolling and clicking.

I'm going to push for The Man From Earth next time, most of them haven't seen it and it is such a fantastic script.

3/27/13 12:23 pm

I'm barely anywhere anymore old friends. Is this going to be the way it ends?

6/27/10 08:07 pm

I exist.

5/12/10 04:00 am - Shared Items – May 12, 2010

Originally published at encyclopedia beaglebotica. You can comment here or there.

5/11/10 04:15 am - Shared Items – May 11, 2010

Originally published at encyclopedia beaglebotica. You can comment here or there.

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